Smooth and safe rides for all

The safety of our riders, pedestrians, motorists and all road users is our prime concern at Arnab. Follow the safety guidelines to make your rides smooth for all.

Follow road safety regulations

  • Follow all local traffic rules
  • Watch out for the street signs and stop signs
  • Follow helmet rules
  • Only one rider per vehicle
  • Use caution at crosswalks

When you ride

  • Apply brakes to slow down or stop
  • Be mindful of the pedestrians
  • Watch out for any obstructions on the road
  • Ride in bike lanes and not on sidewalks (unless permitted by local law)
  • Avoid riding on the road. Walk the scooter at crossings and in slopes

When you park

  • Park the scooter in the parking stations where available
  • Park properly by curbside of road where parking stations are not available
  • Do not block pedestrian pathways, drive ways, bus stops, access ramps, public property etc.
  • Kick-down the stand and park the scooter in an up-right position
  • Avoid parking on grass, rocks, slopes or other uneven surfaces

grab your helmet

Make smart rides safer. Please contact us for the safety gear.