Our Light Electric Vehicles


Pollution, city congestion, traffic blocks, long wait to catch the bus, endless walk to your home/office from the metro are all a thing of the past now. Hop smart around the city with Arnab’s fleet of bikes and scooters.

Arnab Electric Scooters

 Take fun, smart, green and clean rides across the city with Arnab electric scooters. Locate near-by scooters in the app, scan the code to unlock, hop on, kick off and off you go. Lock the scooter in the app to end the ride.

Arnab Electric Assist Bikes

Explore more, exert less and get farther, faster. The Arnab electric assist bike amplify your pedal power. To ride an e-bike, locate the nearest bike in the Arnab app, scan the QR code to unlock and just ride!